An overview of the data science projects I have completed both inside and outside of work.

My projects so far include:

Statistical modelling

  • Fraud model for Zopa - designed model to detect fraudulent applications.
  • Propensity modelling Zopa - designed model to predict certain customer behaviours.
  • Regression algorithm - coded vectorized cost function, gradient descent function and normalized equation function for regression and classification predictions in Octave.
  • Neural network algorithm - coded feedforward, regularized cost function and backpropogation for classification predictions in Octave.
  • Predictive modelling - created a survival prediction model for Titanic passengers in R.
  • Twitter tweet analysis - deduced the happiest U.S. State by establishing the sentiment and location of Twitter tweets in Python


  • Conversion optimisation with Splunk for Zopa - combined Splunk and SQL data to aggregate end-to-end user journeys per device type.
  • Email campaign Zopa - campaign design, implementation and success analysis.
  • Remarketing insights for AnyRoad - designed and implemented remarketing strategies using customer segmentation in R, and Google Analytics.
  • AB testing for AnyRoad - Optimized page features using Google Analytics.

Data visualisation

  • Company health check dashboard Zopa - shows key company metrics, built in Flask and generates daily email.
  • Team progress visualisation at Zopa - live view of progress per team member, built in Flask and fed via SQL.

Data infrastructure

  • Data landscape map at Zopa - mapped the different data themes of the company.
  • MapReduce - adopted Map and Reduce functions to invert indices, create relational joins and perform social network analysis in Python.
  • Relational database design - designed project database structure using class diagrams, relation schemes and normal forms.

Big data holds the answers

Opportunities & Collaboration

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